If Ryman Eco really lives up to its self-generated hype then we are indeed moving towards the direction of sustainable consumption.

How A Stationery Company Intends To Save The World With The World’s Most Beautiful Sustainable Font

“A tsunami of ink and paper” is how Ryman, a UK stationery retail company describes the usage of print around the world. This stationery company intends to take this “tsunami” head on.

There are things that we do but we don’t understand the underlying meanings of our actions. We may make the decision to “bold”, “italicise” or “underline” certain words in our documents simply because we think that they will look prettier when printed on paper. All these actions that are often redundant may cause more damage to the world and to ourselves than we think.

With the world diving right into the craze of digital age, we have still yet to move on from our love for paper. Surely, more companies and governments are utilising the “cloud” in order to save cost and be more efficient. But rid them of papers and you will find them falling into chaos.

If printing on paper is inevitable, what do you do to conserve the environment without a drastic change? The solution - minimise the damage.

The answer to how to minimise the damage if we are not ready to give up printing entirely might have just been presented to us.

Enter Ryman Eco - The World’s Most Beautiful Sustainable Font

Ryman’s strategy of navigating these waves of ink is to employ a font that uses considerably lesser amount of ink when words are being printed.

The stationery company has created a font named Ryman Eco that it’s claiming to be the world’s most beautiful sustainable font. Ryman Eco, as the company alleged, uses 33% less ink than standard fonts like Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana. This “world’s most beautiful sustainable font” is the result of a collaboration between Ryman and the world-class font experts, Monotype.

“It isn’t just what you write that makes a difference. It’s how you write it.”

The world’s most beautiful sustainable font will not make much difference to the environment if people aren’t using it. It isn’t Ryman’s goal to compromise legibility for sustainability so it has made Ryman Eco completely free to download. It encourages people to download it, use it and share it with your friends, families and colleagues. The rationale behind this is that if more people are using it then more ink can be saved.

Lesser ink usage also translates into lesser ink cartridges to be disposed. Hence, lesser waste. And it goes without saying that lesser ink means more money can be saved. This is good news to companies, governments and basically anyone that prints a lot.

Editor’s note

Many will argue that the environment can be better preserved if no paper is used at all. While there’s certainly truth in such argument, there’s also a great amount of challenges in executing it. Every change that breaks any momentum will create discomfort. Asking someone to change his patterns of doing things (regardless of how minor the change is) is to ask him to step out of his comfort zone. And we all know very well that old habit dies hard.

I expect that it will take some time for people to start downloading and using this font because we are so conditioned to the standard fonts and some of us may not see the point of making this change. If such an easy and painless change like writing in a different font is going to need some time to take effect then there is still a long way to go for us to go “paperless”.

If Ryman Eco really lives up to its self-generated hype then we are indeed moving towards the direction of sustainable consumption.

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