"SCP Malaysia is a national initiative to strengthen the Institutional and Policy Framework for SCP, so as to catalyse consumers and industry towards sustainable practices." - Dr Channa Gunawardena

Highlight Session: SCP Malaysia At EU-Malaysia Trade & Investment Forum 2014

On the 17th April 2014, the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (‘EUMCCI’) has held a “EU-Malaysia Trade & Investment Forum” to discuss enhancing cooperation in facilitating SME’s access to finance for Sustainable Consumption & Production (‘SCP’). It was attended by over 200 participants that included business owners, angel investors, ambassadors from EU countries, SCP Malaysia team and government officials.

SCP in relation to Malaysia

Dr Channa Gunawardena, international expert from the SCP Malaysia team was invited to take the stage for the highlight session of the forum to talk about SCP in Malaysia and the benefits for business owners in adopting SCP practices.

He began his speech by explaining to the audience that the objectives of SCP are aligned with that of Malaysia’s Vision 2020 development agenda.

“In the conventional approach, the intensity of the impact on the environment is proportional to economic growth. This can adversely impact the quality of life.”

Green growth aims for a better quality of economic growth so that the present and future generations of Malaysia can continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

Consumers, Industry and Government

Channa went on to share with the audience that as consumers and industry are the key actors of the economy, their involvement is essential in making ‘Green Growth’ to happen eventually. They can do so by making the change towards sustainable patterns and behaviour. SCP is precisely about promoting behavioural change towards green or sustainable patterns and practices of consumers and industry. He added that the government also carries upon its shoulders an important responsibility to catalyse consumers and industry towards sustainable patterns that create green growth.

SCP as a catalyst for industry

A SCP Blueprint is currently being formulated by the SCP Malaysia team at EPU which will be the guiding framework for Malaysia up to 2030. There are a few key strategies to catalyse industry towards SCP that have been identified in the SCP Blueprint Workshop that was recently held to review the first draft of the SCP Blueprint. These strategies include creating sustainable and resilient supply chains, energy efficiency, ICT as an enabler, financing SMEs etc.

P, P and P

The three Ps may mean to some people as People, Planet and Profit.

For the entrepreneurs, the three Ps ultimately translate into Profit, Profit and Profit.

SCP is a pragmatic approach for economic growth in businesses or PPP whilst respecting the environment and creating positive social impact.

Benefits to industry through SCP

Channa has left some food for thought to the business owners when he was pointing out that SCP is about the continuous improvement of business performance and efficiency.

Some of the questions that he put to the audience include:

  • How much energy are we using per output, compared to our competitors?
  • How much of our purchased materials end up as waste?
  • Are our costs increasing for handling, treating and storing of waste?

These are questions that SCP addresses.

Financing SMEs through SCP

Financing SMEs through SCP is to be distinguished from financing SMEs in SCP. This is because SCP is not something that needs to be financed. It is commonly known that businesses that practice SCP are smarter businesses. All the benefits that a business will attain by practicing SCP are key requirements for businesses to access finance. Therefore, SCP can truly help SMEs to access finance.

The presentation and the complete transcript of the speech by Dr Channa are available for download on the left.