“Silo” manner doesn’t work anymore in the pursuit of SCP.

SCP Blueprint Workshop: Horizontal Intervention (Part 1)

A workshop named “Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) Blueprint: Green Growth through SCP” was held on 25th March 2014.

The Economic Planning Unit (‘EPU’), Prime Minister’s Department is preparing the 11th Malaysia Plan before meeting the deadline of 2020 where our country targeted to be a high-income, developed and sustainable nation. The 11th Malaysia Plan will be the overarching policy for Malaysia and the SCP Blueprint will be used as inputs for it.

The SCP Blueprint is categorised into 3 main sections - A, B and C.

This is a bird’s eye view of Section B, Horizontal Intervention.

Section B - Horizontal Intervention

The interventions at all levels in Malaysia are required in order for ‘Green Growth through SCP’ to happen. These includes the civil society, business sector and the government. Due to the cross-cutting nature of SCP, it cannot be encapsulated.

The subject of Section B under the SCP Blueprint is a number of horizontal interventions that are required to effectively deploy SCP as the engine for green growth.

Under Section B, there are 6 specific interventions. These interventions are explained in three parts for the ease of reading.

The 6 Horizontal Interventions

  • Between government agencies and NGO
  • Communication to the public, industry and consumers. also within the government
  • Education to students
  • Debunking myth
  • Escaping subsidies trap
  • MySCPI


“Silo” manner doesn’t work anymore in the pursuit of SCP.

Since the inception of SCP Malaysia in 2012, the Environment and Natural Resource Economic Section (‘ENRES’) of EPU has been playing the role of national SCP focal point. ENRES centrally manages the SCP agenda within Malaysia and in relation to international organisations.

This particular intervention aims to resolve the fragmentation between agencies and connect the dots. In order to achieve all the SCP goals, an effective and efficient coordination is essential.


One cannot practice SCP if one does not know what SCP is. There are many questions that will be potentially raised by all sectors of the society when the subject of SCP is involved.

The SCP Malaysia strives to convey the SCP’s messages to every segment of the society. Hence, the communication intervention. The SCP Web Portal (www.scpmalaysia.gov.my) was developed with the support of a group of professional experts and web-designers. This portal went online in February 2014 and is updated regularly on a daily basis by an editorial team. The SCP Web Portal is built in such a way that the visitors will always find fresh, new and intriguing stories that they can relate to every time they visit it.

There are more plans to expand this intervention in the pipeline such as a mass-media plan to promote SCP.