The Government through GGP will actively acquire products and services that are environmental friendly.

Government Green Procurement Offers Rewarding Opportunities to Business Owners

One of the hardest stages of having a successful business is finding customers. An entrepreneur or an innovator may have the most revolutionary idea but the fear of not having anyone to buy into a new idea is ever present.

The fear of a failing business is especially felt by those enterprises who wish to venture into environmental friendly products thinking that the consumers may not be so quick to adapt. But with the introduction of Government Green Procurement (‘GGP’), the Malaysian companies can put their worries to rest.

Government Green Procurement Means Business

The Ministry of Finance (‘MOF’) will issue GGP circular which contains the Short-Term Action Plan. The plan was approved by GGP Steering Committee in July last year. In short, the Government, having recognised the impact of green products and services on transforming the nation into one that’s sustainable, is now seeking to leverage its purchasing power to encourage industries to provide more green products and services.

The Government through GGP will actively acquire products and services that are environmental friendly. Therefore, business owners have the opportunities to meet such demands by producing and providing green products and services.

Procurement System

As Malaysia is marching towards the vision of being a developed and sustainable nation by 2020, there will be a vast demand for products and services that are both beneficial to the economy and environment. Logically, the Government will select only those that are the best for the country. Therefore, GGP will provide enterprises an immense amount of business opportunities through the government procurement system. This will encourage business owners to invest their best effort without having to worry about the lack of demand for their green products and services.

First Product Groups

The initial product groups being evaluated by the Government for GGP include building materials, cleaning services, ICT equipments and energy efficient lighting etc.

This initiative by the Malaysian Government will effect a paradigm shift in the behaviours of industries and consumers. Industries will begin to see the benefits of adopting an environmental friendly business model which in turn will cause green products and services to be more accessible to consumers. With GGP as a catalyst, the green wheel has been set in motion. 

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*Update: the GGP Circular is now available for download. Please click the link on the left to download.


For more information on the GGP Circular, please refer here for the Ministry of Finance's website.