The Government has taken the initiative to use energy more efficiently.

Less is More. Cutting Costs and Beyond.

The Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) initiative by the Government has gained much attention from different sectors, be it the business owners, the consumers or the Government’s agencies. Due to the benefits and importance of SCP practices, the government has encouraged the people of Malaysia to adopt the whole concept.

A little goes a long way

There’re many ways to practice SCP (much of the practices can be found in this portal!), ranging from large scale procurement by the Government to office-goers to take public transport.

Certainly, the Government is one of the big players in the practice of SCP and it’s surely playing its part. For instance, the Government has indulged in the Government Green Procurement where it will leverage its purchasing power to drive the industries to produce green products on a larger scale. However, the Government is doing so much more.

The Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has announced 11 measures to slash public sector expenditure, one of it being that the government will reduce the electricity utility cost at all ministries, departments, agencies and government premises by 5%. At first instance, this just seems like a method of cutting cost. It is. And it means more than that.

The Government has taken the initiative to use energy more efficiently. The Economic Planning Unit (‘EPU’) of the Prime Minister’s Department that serves as the National SCP focal point makes it a point to inform its officers to switch off their lights whenever possible. In its effort to reduce the electricity utility cost, it also managed to reduce its carbon footprint and doing less harm to the environment by not wasting unnecessary energy.