Why Waste Your Money?

Why Eating Only What You Can Is Good For You And The World

We may not realise it but we often feast on each meal as if we’re having a buffet. When we go for a buffet, we tend to collect more food on our plate than our digestive system can handle because our logic tells us that since we’ve already paid for it so we shouldn’t waste our hard-earned money by taking less.

But we do that all the time too, not just during buffet. We don’t always finish our food and we overbuy groceries. Food is perishable and when we don’t consume it within a certain time period we will have to dispose them.

Food to Gas

What we don’t know is that all these food that we are wasting will cause irrevocable harm to the environment. These food waste will usually be covered in soil after we’ve thrown them in the trash. This is known as the landfill method, It is a way of disposing waste by burying garbage in ground. When we cover our food waste with soil, the waste will go through a process called anaerobic decomposition. This process then generates a type of gas named Methane that harms the atmosphere.

Why Waste Your Money?

Besides the nature, another thing to consider is that by buying excess food we are also spending extra unnecessary money. Surely, a few wasted cents won’t hurt our wallet but a few cents every day can really make an impact on our savings. And there’s really no reason to spend money on things that we can’t enjoy.

So the next time when we order our food or buy our groceries for the week, take a moment and consider how much do we really need. If we can just spend that few extra seconds to plan our consumption, the world will be a much better place and we’ll not waste our money unnecessarily.