About SCP

SCP simply stands for sustainable consumption and production. In our daily lives, industry produces and provides products and services. Then, we buy and use these products and services. It is a cycle. A cycle that helps Malaysia to grow. SCP wants to keep this cycle moving.

In Malaysia, we have the vision 2020. We want to be a high income country with high quality of life. We want to continue to live in a beautiful and comfortable place, to keep having healthy food to eat and clean water to drink, and to preserve and improve the beauty of our beloved Malaysia. SCP will drive us to this destination.

There are many SCP practices that we can all do to improve Malaysia and our lives. It can be as simple and easy as turning off the lights when we are not using them. Industry can practice SCP by recycling rubbish and not throwing them into the river. Even by just making an effortless decision to buy green products in supermarket will make a big impact towards SCP.

From students to working adults, from choosing the food on our plates to the type of transport that we take, from saving our beautiful seas to clearing the rubbish in our proud cities, we can all do SCP because it concerns everyone of us and we are all in this together. As Malaysians, you and me have the power to make SCP come true. We can all practice SCP to make Malaysia a better place, for us and for our children.