Round 1: You Might Be Better at Rebounds Than a NBA Player

Now, don’t attempt to grab the ball from Kobe Bryant under the basketball hoop. We’re talking about a different kind of rebound here. A rebound that you might be doing on a daily basis that doesn’t require you to utilise your quadriceps muscles and going against the gravity.

Introducing the Rebound Effect

Many of us have fell victim to the rebound effect without us even noticing. The rebound effect we’re referring to is the fallout from your efforts in conserving the environment being undone by your own actions.

Let’s find out if you’ve caused any rebound effect!

Round 1: No Plastic Bags Saturday? Er…Okay

With all these supermarkets nowadays rolling out “No Plastic Bags Saturday”, you might think that the environment will be better served by reducing the usage of plastic bags. However, if you choose any other day to do your grocery shopping and overcompensate by asking for more plastic bags because you didn’t get it on Saturday then you’re actually causing more harm to the nature. The rebound effect happens when you use more plastic bags as a result of “No Plastic Bags Saturday”.