It isn't too late to design your products for sustainability.

Sustainability As Business Opportunities

We always associate green with sustainability. And rightly so.

We can also almost always associate sustainability with innovation. Think solar energy, windmills, recycled papers, hybrid cars etc.

Now, we can certainly associate innovation with business opportunities. All of the innovations that were just mentioned had opened up  product categories that were entirely new.

So simple math tells us that:

Green = sustainability = innovation = business opportunities.

And we all know where business opportunities lead to.

It isn’t too late to design your products for sustainability.

A Glimpse at Successful Green Innovation

Freeplay Energy plc Group (‘Freeplay’) is an European company that emphasises sustainability in their products. With green in its mind, Freeplay has built an incredibly successful business upon a rock solid foundation. The Freeplay products are smaller, lighter, more efficient, well-designed and cheaper than the alternatives. It is a no-brainer for consumers to go for their products. For example, the Freeplay Radio does not contain batteries or other electrical energy storage materials but rather draws its energy from an unique mechanical system similar to that of a spring operated clock. There is also an option for an upgrade for the radio to operate with solar cells. Consumers will not need to spend money in batteries so Freeplay Radio is an easy choice to make.

Freeplay has raised over $45 million in capital and sold over three million units since producing their first radio in 1996. Freeplay products are widely available across North America and Europe, and are fundamental in many of the poorest developing countries.