"Reincarnation"? Your Choice.

Things You Might Not Know About The Life-Cycle Of A Product

Life cycle of a product simply refers to a product’s circle of life, from the day of its creation till the end of its useful life.

Reincarnation – Does it exist?

There hasn’t been any scientific proof as to whether reincarnation for human existed. As for a product, reincarnation is sometimes possible and it’s called “recycle”.

However, not all products have the luck of being “reincarnated”. Despite being called a “cycle”, most products’ lives are linear like a human’s life. How a product comes to life is when raw materials are extracted and manufactured. In a product’s life, it’ll be manipulated and utilised. Once a product has served its purpose on Earth, it normally gets thrown away. When human die we turn into ashes but a product’s subsequent destination after it “dies” isn’t certain.

Not All Products Are Born Equal

Whether a product will be recycled very much depend on our decisions as consumers, extractors, manufacturers or simply as human being because it’ll make a big difference on the very Earth that we live in.

There are generally four stages in a product’s life cycle: extraction from raw materials, manufactured into products, utilised by consumers and turning into waste.

What we do at each stage of a product’s life cycle will make huge impact to our environment. It’s common knowledge that it’s the consumers’ decision whether to recycle a product or otherwise but the fate of a product extends to the hands of every gatekeeper’s of each lifecycle stage. For instance, it’s up to the manufacturers to decide if they want to use raw materials that can be recycled to produce a product. If they choose to do so, their decision creates a demand for recyclable raw materials from the extractors so as to not overuse the scarce natural resources.

Encouraging Life Cycle Approach

Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) is a concept that promotes economic growth without compromising the environment. Life cycle approach invites people from every stage of a product’s life cycle to make a conscious decision that takes into consideration of the environment every time before they take an action.

The Government is applying SCP concept now across the nation to ensure the materialisation of our vision to be a high income, developed and sustainable country by 2020. Given how the life cycle approach is closely related to SCP, all of us can contribute to a better tomorrow for our country because we are all involved in the life cycle of a product.