A Brief Story About SCP Life Cycle

The Life Cycle of SCP

The SCP life cycle is explained in the introduction chapter of SCP Blueprint given its importance. In the universe of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), the life cycle of SCP starts with the extraction of natural resources. Thereafter, they are processed and converted into goods. Goods are then distributed to consumers who use the values in them. The use-value of goods and services determines the price, which depends on the quality.

Unfortunately, not only value is created in the life cycle. Along this sphere, the conversion of resources to values is imperfect. Waste and emissions are the by-products of these imperfections.

The SCP life cycle helps to understand the complexity of the system, to cut it down to manageable stages and to guide to do better through gaining more through less.

In the 11th Malaysia Plan Context

Aiming at efficiency over the value chain SCP means efficient use of natural resources, minimising use of hazardous substances and reducing pollution and waste over the life cycle of products and services.  Through this life cycle approach, SCP invites people to consider the environmental impact and ensure resource efficiency at both the production and consumption phases.