The 11th Malaysia Plan - Malaysia's March Towards Green Growth

In the midst of juggling between the growing population and demand, Malaysia’s natural environment is under an equal increasing stress. The 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) represents Malaysia’s keen interest in stepping up its pledge to the environment and long-term sustainability.

Choosing green growth

Green growth is defined as “growth that is efficient in its use of natural resources, clean in that it minimises pollution and environmental impacts, and resilient in that it accounts for natural hazards and the role of environmental management and natural capital in preventing physical disasters.” - World Bank.

Malaysia is embarking on green growth and it is expressly stipulated in the 11MP. Nonetheless, green growth can only be better realised when the transformations happen fundamentally. It requires an essential shift from a “grow-first, clean-up later” development model towards one that views resilient, low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive development as an upfront investment that will yield future gains over multiple generations to come. The government shows its engagement to green growth by stating that it will provide relevant policy and institutional framework for green growth.

It is crucial to have an enabling environment for green growth to be materialised. There are three strategies in the 11MP that will be set in motion to establish the enabling environment for green growth:

  1. “Strengthening governance to drive transformation by enhancing regulatory and institutional framework, coordination, capacity as well as monitoring and evaluation mechanisms;
  2. Enhancing awareness to create shared responsibility through comprehensive communication, education and awareness programmes and platforms for knowledge sharing; and
  3. Establishing sustainable financing mechanisms by expanding existing and identifying new economic instruments.”

The commitment by the government alone would not be sufficient. The enabling environment for green growth must involve a long-term commitment from all stakeholders, business, civil society and most importantly the people.