Today, the focus will be on ‘Leapfrogging’.

ABC of SCP - Leapfrogging

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In the world of SCP world. L can stand for Lifecycle and also Leapfrogging. Today, the focus will be on ‘Leapfrogging’.

When we see a kid leaping over another kid’s back, that is leapfrogging in action. When the term “leapfrogging” is used in SCP, it is used to to describe the possibility for developing countries to bypass inefficient, polluting, and ultimately costly phases of development by leaping straight towards sustainable human development and a better quality of life.

In doing so, it will connect with the idea that economic resources for unsustainable, outdated and polluting technologies can be saved and be invested directly in a sustainable future instead. Ecological leapfrogging can be an alternative to development-as-catching up. It provides strategies to directly enter the phase of sustainability without going through the resource-intensive production and consumption models of industrial societies.