KeTTHA’s efforts enable enterprises to employ green technologies much more easily and cost effective than ever.

Green Product – Luxury vs. No-Brainer

The aisle of the organic section of a supermarket offers an ideal place for meditation as the majority of the people deliberately shun away from it. This is due to its public perception that is coincidentally similar to that of a green product. They both share an invisible title floating above them that says – Exclusive for The Rich and Desperate Hippies.

Certainly, the consumers have no solid reasons to choose a green product over an environmentally damaging alternative. After all, it’s only reasonable and natural that one should be able to take care of himself before he can consider the health of the planet Earth. It will be difficult to convince one to make his life harder by forking out more money to save the world when those that are doing more damage aren’t paying the price.

However, the public’s notion on green products is very much a myth. While the consumers are a major victim of this misconception, such misconception originated from the realm of production. Enterprises who are involved in the sourcing, production and distribution of a product have this misguided idea that a green product always costs more to produce. Therefore, these enterprises usually place a higher price tag on green products which repel the majority of consumers. In reality, producing a green product is actually much more economically viable. Many countries’ government have been trying to send this message to enterprises but it has often been unfortunately misconceived.

Green Products in Malaysia

The Malaysian Government in the recent years have been providing Small and Medium Enterprises (‘SME’) easier access to bank loans and subsidies when employing green technologies. Ironically, this financial assistance is one of the main culprits that prevent enterprises to produce green products because they think that subsidies are only given when the process is costly. The actual reason that the Malaysian Government is lending its helping hand is because it has acknowledged the obvious benefits of adopting green technologies and the dire need to encourage SME to implement these methods for the desired national development.

Support to SMEs

MyHIJAU program is the Malaysian Government’s initiative to support the development of green technologies and the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (‘KeTTHA’) is one of its implementers. This program is introduced to encourage local manufacturers, producers and suppliers to produce green products and services that are more competitive in local and global market. The objectives of MyHIJAU program are identical to the Malaysian Government’s most recent Sustainable Consumption and Production (‘SCP’) initiative. Through MyHIJAU program, KeTTHA have been assisting SME to better employ green technologies to produce green products as they are still relatively new in Malaysia. From helping SME in marketing their green products to organising business matching for industries, KeTTHA’s efforts enable enterprises to employ green technologies much more easily and cost effective than ever.