New SWITCH-Asia Call for Proposals

The SWITCH-Asia programme launched by the European Commission to assist interested institutions in switching to a more sustainable paradigm has published the SWITCH-Asia II Call for Proposals on 3rd December 2014.

The Global Objective

The successful applicants of this Call for Proposals will receive a grant. According to SWITCH-Asia official information, the global objective of this Call for Proposals is to promote sustainable growth, contribute to the economic prosperity and poverty reduction in Asia as well as to mitigate climate change.

The Specific Objective

A sustainable production equals to the development of less polluting and more resource efficient products, processes and services. The consumption patterns and behaviour are sustainable when there are more resource-efficient products, more sustainable sustainable lifestyles and behavior are being conducts. Therefore, the specific objective of this Call for Proposals is to promote sustainable production plus sustainable consumption patterns and behaviour in Asia.

This objective should be achieved through an improved understanding and strengthened cooperation between Europe and Asia. Furthermore, such objective can also be accomplished through enhancing the collaboration within Asia, especially by supporting Asian SMEs and consumers, in adopting SCP practices and activities by getting access to finance and by mobilizing the relevant actors such as the private sector, financial intermediaries, retailers, producers and consumer organisations and groups, individual consumers along with relevant public sector authorities.

The SWITCH-Asia Programme

The Programme aims at identifying and scaling up successful SCP practices in Asia in order to induce a systematic change in consumption and production patterns and behaviour.

On top of it, lessons learnt indicate that the consumption side of SCP needs more appreciation and that access to finance is a key bottleneck for a sustainable switch to SCP practices for SMEs in Asia.

Eligibility of Malaysia

Please note that activities in Malaysia and Malaysian partners are not eligible for this present call for proposals. Malaysian organisations can take part as affiliates to projects being implemented in other countries. For further details please refer to the call for proposals and the detailed guidelines.

Please find all official documents, including guidelines for grant applicants, application deadlines and forms here.

An information session is scheduled in Brussels in Albert Brochette building on January 14, 2015. Click here for more details.