This campaign aims to raise RM60,000 to install rainwater harvesting tanks in three charity specific homes.

Waterful Sharing Campaign, Help These Kids

Recently, we have been hit by water shortage despite being a country with heavy rainfall. This reminds us that water is not always available and it is a precious natural resource. We must not take it for granted.

Following Laneige’s global campaign to raise awareness on water accessibility to communities in need, Laneige Malaysia has kick started an initiative called “Waterful Sharing Campaign” to aid marginalised groups through a partnership with Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO). 

On the Malaysians' consumption of water, the Chairperson of the Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO) Yasmin Rasyid said, “Malaysians unfortunately are one of the highest consumers of water per day. With the recent water crisis, many Malaysians were caught off guard with water rationing measures and because of our complacency in dealing with such crisis, the average Malaysian found it difficult to adapt to a reduced water consumption pattern. Rainwater harvesting is a simple yet easy way to capture and store rainwater for any emergency use.” 

Laneige Malaysia and MENGO are targeting to raise RM 60,000 through a 3 month campaign to facilitate the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in selected homes. Three homes have been identified so far to benefit from the campaign, including Trinity Community Children Home Society, Shelter Home for Children and Praise Emmanuel Children Home. 

The main vision of this campaign is to reduce the reliance on piped water for these homes, and also to provide an alternative source of water to the homes, especially in times of water crisis which severely affected the home and the orphans.

The funds gathered will be used to install a rainwater harvesting system that will channel it to the bathrooms and toilets, garden and outdoor washing areas of these homes. This is also a small step to alleviate the home’s financial status on water bills. It will also teach the children to appreciate water more.

Head over to to find out how you can contribute to these homes.

P.S. When you use water wisely you are also doing yourself a favour as there will be more water available in the country.