The aim of energy efficiency is to get the same result with less resources or effort.

The Difference Between Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency

The general public often equates energy conservation to energy efficiency. While both of these methods are certainly beneficial to the nature and our energy bills, they are not the same.

Energy Conservation

In most instances, energy conservation invokes a behavioural change. This includes turning off the lights in a room, switching the fan off when one sleeps or simply reducing the time one watches TV. Energy conservation often requires one to compromise in one way or another (*these compromises need not be major in most cases*). For instance, there is no energy being used when one sleeps without the fan on but one may not sleep well because it gets too warm without the fan.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike energy conservation, the aim of energy efficiency is to get the same result with less resources or effort. Nevertheless, we should not be confined into thinking that we have to sacrifice our comfort and productivity in order to reduce the environmental impact. In fact, energy efficiency achieves the exact opposite.

The change that energy efficiency focuses on is one of technological. The most common example is substituting normal light bulbs (that ruthlessly drain energy and money from our pockets) with energy saving light bulbs. Our daily lives and comfort will not be affected if we choose to use energy saving light bulbs as they still illuminate the room but with much less energy used. In contrast with the traditional halogen light bulb, an energy saving light bulb can easily reduce the energy consumed by 25%-80% and it has a much longer bulb life.

Energy conservation VS energy efficiency

As mentioned above, both energy conservation and energy efficiency are great for the nature (and our energy bills). To get the best of both worlds, we can employ both methods. For instance, after we have done the technological change to replace halogen light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs, we can turn them off when we aren’t truly in need of illumination (behavioural change) to further conserve energy.

Surely, our creative minds can provide us with many ideas to use energy efficiently. This SCP Portal will assist you even further by providing useful tips on energy efficiency to be implemented in your daily lives!