1, 2, 3, Action! The Plan of Malaysian Government Green Procurement

Malaysia has a series of plans for the better tomorrow of its people. Right now, two of Malaysia’s plans share the same vision.

Two Plans Working in Synergy

Both the 10th Malaysia Plan (‘10MP’) and Government Green Procurement (‘GGP’) are instruments that will transform Malaysia into a high income, developed, inclusive and sustainable nation.

The 10MP recognises that public procurement can be a strong driver for green technology and calls for an improved public procurement process as a key component to enhance innovation in Malaysian companies.

Short-Term Strategy

The Short-Term Action Plan of GGP is initiated to materialise Malaysia’s long-term GGP strategy and is designed to embrace the nation’s GGP policy in 2014.

The GGP Short-Term Action Plan is implemented based on a set of specific expected results.

The expected results are: 

  • At least 2 product groups are identified and pilot implementation of GGP for these product groups is initiated. 
  • Life Cycle Cost adoption is strengthened and systematically implemented.  
  • At least 2 further initiatives to support GGP in the pilot phase are identified.
  • Current Government procurement law and regulations are reviewed and obstacles towards the implementation of GGP are identified. 
  • Capacity building on GGP to guarantee the success of the pilot phase that has started, and the basis for the long-term implementation is established.
  • Communication campaign to inform procurement officers and Government suppliers on the stepwise introduction of GGP are carried out.  
  • The efforts of the pilot phase are monitored and evaluated, and an effective evaluation mechanism for the long-term action plan is established. 
  • Long-Term Action Plan is drafted based on the experiences gained in the pilot phase.

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*Update: the GGP Circular is now available for download. Please click the link on the left to download.


For more information on the GGP Circular, please refer here for the Ministry of Finance's website.