At least two pilot implementers will be chosen

Choice: Choosing the First Green Product Groups

The application of environmental criteria for a specific product groups constitutes the core of every green procurement strategy. The short-term action plan on GGP in Malaysia involves selecting the first product groups and their pilot implementation of GGP.

Potential Product Groups

The efforts of Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (‘KeTTHA’) and Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (‘MGTC’) have indicated a number of potential products. Energy efficient lighting, cleaning services, building materials etc are among the potential product groups identified.

The final selection of pilot product groups will be completed after taking into account supply and demand factors.

Ministries or Government Agencies as Pilot Implementers

Based on pre-existing experiences, know-how, active interest, and practical considerations (especially sufficient demand for the selected product groups), at least two pilot implementers will be selected.

For further details or any enquiry, please contact the Ministry of Finance:

*Update: the GGP Circular is now available for download. Please click the link on the left to download.


For more information on the GGP Circular, please refer here for the Ministry of Finance's website.